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Policy for the implementation of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policy

Glossary of terms Access An entry to education and training of a particular qualification or part qualification or entry to a final external summative assessment. Assessment The process of collecting evidence of learner’s work to measure and make judgements about the competence or non-competence of specified National Qualifications Framework occupational standards or qualifications and part qualifications. Assessor A person who is registered by the relevant AQP in accordance with established criteria to conduct internal and/or external assessments for registered occupational qualifications and part qualifications. Candidate A person whose performance is…

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117874 Guide learners about their learning, assessment and recognition opportunities

SAQA REGISTRATION [table id=39 /] ABOUT THIS COURSE TRAINYOUCAN (ETDP SETA) Accredited Training Network and its members is committed to follow all the ETQA requirements as stipulated by SAQA.  This unit standard will be useful to those who work within an education, training and development context and who provide guidance and advise to learners about their learning, assessment and recognition opportunities. COURSE SUMMARY This unit standard will provide recognition for those who is working towards their OD ETDP Qualification. People credited with this unit standard are able to: Identify and…

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